‘ Art inspired by the 20’s, the atmosphere of Paris and the elegance of fellow creatures’

The twenties and amazing details on every level

The magic 20’s are a great source of inspiration for her work; an explosion of global energy and boundless creativity. Movies, theatre and Coco Chanel; nightlife in its most exhilarated forms and artists present in every part of society. The roaring twenties are all about exuberant celebrations and amazing details on every level.

The atmosphere of Paris

Her work will take you to the wonderful city of Paris. It invites you to imagine the city with all it’s beauty and to feel it’s magic. The first time she visited, she was just a young girl, but from that moment on the city worked on her like a magnet. Returning many times, she fell in love over and over again, and not only with the art… With all the romantic spots, idyllic squares and atmospheric streets it’s not hard to wonder why.

The elegance of fellow creatures

“The Parisian way” is something she translated through simplicity with a super feminine flair. Elegance is a good way to describe most of her drawings. She finds that elegance is not a characteristic appearance, but a part of the soul that is visible to others. Every creature can be elegant in his, her or it’s own way, and this is a big inspiration for her sketches.

The heart of Sanne’s art and illustrations

Feeling the roar of the twenties, experiencing the best amazing details on every level and celebrating the elegance of all creatures, that is the heart of Sanne’s work.




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