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I am always open for new adventures! As I am a young artist, I try to keep my business as flexible as possible. I love to get new ideas, inspiration and to learn from each other. If you have a nice concept and see a chance to collaborate, be my guest. I would love to brainstorm together and maybe soon something new will arise!

Contact me if you want to have more information about my art and illustrations

Do you want to know more about my work? Have practical questions or want to know anything else? Send me an e-mail or fill in the contact form.

Instagram & blog posts

For brands, magazines, fashion / art agencies, galleries or any other company that wants to be featured on my Instagram page, please send me an e-mail. Did you took a beautiful picture that perfectly fits into my Instagram feed? Don’t hesitate to send it to me and I might post it with a tag to your account.


I am also always looking for new articles and subjects for my  blog so anything is welcome. Just ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My collaborations, art fairs

In case you want to have more information about any collaborations and art fairs like the Affordable Art FairBerliner Liste, Luxembourg Art Fair or about the exciting upcomming collaboration and talent stage from &C also please fill in the contact form or send me an e-mail.

Information about my art or illustrations

You can find all my art / illustrations and information about them on my glass art and illustrations page. If you want to know more, you know what to do. The contact form and my e-mail address are ready for all of your questions!


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